Jonathan Varela

The Husband of the Husband-and-Wife team, Jonathan joined Ruby’s photography team in 2012 when her previous second shooter canceled on her at the last second before a wedding. Prior to this Jonathan had been a hobbyist photographer. With a background in computer science and a career in aerospace, Jonathan helped launch Pixels & Prints Imagery in 2015 providing tech services and taking a larger role behind the lens.

In 2018, in cooperation with Bigler Events, LLC. and Valyermo Ranch, LLC., Jonathan helped launch The Hacienda Valyermo at Valyermo Ranch. The venue has quickly skyrocketed going from less than 10 events in it’s first year to over 30 in it’s sophmore year in 2019. Because of the Hacienda’s popularity, Jonathan will be taking a smaller roll in shooting as he helps propel the Hacienda Valyermo to becoming the premiere wedding venue in Southern California.

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Julian Guevara

Joining us for the second year in a row, Julian has proven to be a valuable asset. Being the primary second-shooter for Friday weddings, Julian will be taking a larger role in the 2019 wedding year. Here is what he has to say in his own words:

Hey my name is Julian Guevara, the newest member of the team. I am incredibly passionate about my family, the outdoors, art, coffee, craft beer, photography and capturing timeless moments. I’m a calm easy going person who loves to laugh and chat with people that I connect with during sessions. At weddings my mission is to make sure you enjoy your day; to live in the moment. We’ll make sure to capture the memories for you.

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